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Fill out an application today and plan ahead

The Earlier, the Better: It is easy to become big-eyed and overwhelmed when it comes to moving, which causes lack of motivation. A great way to overcome this obstacle is to get started with the stages of your move as early as possible. The earlier the better. Whether it’s packing or contacting possible moving companies to help with the move, you will have a more positive relocation experience if you do not procrastinate.

Throw it Away or Donate It: One positive and effective way to get motivated about moving is to throw excess items away or donate them to a worthy cause. You could get two trash bags or containers, mark one donate and one throw it away. Turn it into a game for the kids and see who can fill up the bags or containers the fastest. This would be a great way to physically see your progress and become more motivated. 

Ask for Help: Sometimes the moving process can be somewhat overwhelming because it may feel like you or your family are in it all alone. When feeling overwhelmed and unmotivated, ask for help, that’s what close friends are for. The more people you have actively participating in the process, the more motivated everyone involved will be.

Set Goals: A good way to get things done and stay motivated about anything is to set realistic, attainable goals. Moving is no different.  Set and write down your goals during different stages of the moving process. Have target dates for each step of the process, and physically check them off when a target date is met. This will allow you to physically see the progress you have made, as well as give you the mental motivation to keep striving to complete the process. 

Reward Yourself: The power of a reward can go a very long way when trying to stay motivated.  Get all of your family together, letting everyone know that there will be a reward for everyone involved in the moving process if certain goals are met during a certain time frame. This will create accountability, comradery, and communication amongst everyone. All parties involved are more likely to do their part in a positive way to make sure that everyone is rewarded for the hard work they put in. 

Stay Motivated!

The rental application is the first step for the landlord or management company to assess whether they think you'll be a good tenant. 

Rental Criteria

Everyone over the age of 18 must submit a separate application.

Applications are good for 60 days, and are valid for any of our units.

Applications take about 2-3 business days to complete.

Completed applications must have the following:

  • Copy of a months worth of pay stubs, verification of income or offer letter

  • Copy of your drivers license

  • Completed applications from anyone over the age of 18 that will be residing in the unit

  • Vet records if applicable

A credit score of at least 700

  • Rental history and rental references

  • Be able to pass a background check

  • No evictions 

  • A household income of at least three times the rent amount

    If credit is below 700 or you do not have three times the rent amount for income a co-signer that does may be accepted.

Vet records are required and must be attached to your application in order to process fully.

If your pet is an ESA or Service animal, that information must be attached to your application.

We reserve the right to have any pet removed from the property if it is determined that the pet poses a threat to the safety or condition of the property or any people on the property or community. We also reserve the right to have the pet removed if it causes a nuisance to neighbors or the building. 

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